We are commercializing a novel collection of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria as agricultural products. These specific strains are the product of decades of research (non-GMO), and we are the only company commercializing them. Their efficacy in improving agricultural production has been well established in dozens of peer-reviewed publications in leading journals.


We believe these microbes represent the future of agriculture, in helping humanity face the realities of feeding 9 billion people with constrained resources and worsening soil and water conditions. This green technology stands out among modern advances in agriculture in that it is nontoxic, biodegradable, non-polluting, reduces carbon footprint, does not change soil characteristics, and does not contaminate run-off water. We are testing the compatibility of these microbes with modern agricultural practices (such as seed sterilization and pesticide/fungicide use) as well as organic formulations.


Research, Development, and Field Trialing of Beneficial Plant Growth Promoting Bacterial Endophyte Products in collaboration with the University of Washington Earth Sciences and Forestry Department


Field Trialing of BAM-FX – Bio Available Mineral Formula X – Together with Growers and BAM-X solutions