Biological Water Treatment


Intrinsyx R&D collaborates with industry leaders in water treatment to design and implement integrated biological systems (with plants and microbes) for water treatment.

We are working with aquatic biofoam Рbiofilm filters designed by our collaborators and tested by University of Arizona’s Environmental Studies Department, that use beneficial bacterial biofilms to filter out and kill human microbial pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa) from sewage. We are collaborating with the environmental engineering firm Acqualogic to integrate this biofoam into reliable and economical mid- to large scale water treatment systems (10,000-100,000 gallons per day).

  • Wastewater treatment for drinking water
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Greywater recycling
  • Floating Islands to remove pollutants from surface water
  • Rhizofiltration systems